Our Species

Unique to Wapus; you can fish for pike, walleye, speckle trout, lake trout, and all this during the same fishing expedition. Each species has its particularities and Sam (the guide) will advise you on the best “spots” and techniques to make sure you will have the trip of a lifetime.  Our main lakes all have pike and walleye with the exception of McLennan which also has lake trout.  Speckle trout are found on 7 different head water lakes. Guiding services are also available upon request.

Lake accessibility

Most bodies of water are accessible by vehicle, where boats and motors await you. For those of you who enjoy riding by ATV or hiking, you will find pleasure in combing both riding or hiking and fishing in order to get to small head water lakes with excellent fishing and tranquility. Those looking to be more remote, the outpost cabins on private lakes are also accessible by vehicle 4X4, boat or plane.  Outpost cabins to consider in our lodging section. The season starts mid-May and runs through September.

Our philosophy

In order to protect our resources, we must plan and think ahead. That is why for the past 30 years, we have had slot sizes and quotas on our lakes. We monitor closely so that each lake stays healthy in order to maintain a good population of species. For the sportier fisherman, we also have lakes where catch and release is mandatory. Preserving our resources is of the utmost importance.


Moose hunting

For an excellent moose hunting territory, Wapus is the place. Our territories cover approximately 10 square kilometres. Whether you prefer territories with small bodies of water, roads, open areas, we will advise you on the territories most suitable for you. You also have the possibility of visiting the territory which interests you during the season. We make sure all trails are done before you arrive and we supply boats or canoes on most bodies of water. Given the high success rate, it is important to let us know of your plans as soon as possible.

For many years we have shown foresight by the logical way in which we have exploited our territory. In fact, at Wapus you may shoot only one moose per territory. We presume that our clients share our view because 90% of our hunters return year after year.

Bear hunting

For many among you, black bear ranks as your top priority. If this is the case, we invite you to visit our installations, you will not be disappointed. We start baiting around the end of April so that by mid-May, we guarantee active baits.

We have approximately 50 different sites for both rifle and archery hunters, with pre-arranged stands that we bait and visit every two days. It is important that you book early since we only take 10 hunters per week leaving you with the possibility of hunting from one of 5 different sites. Our success is well over 90%.

Our experienced guides will do their best to make your hunt a successful one. Upon your arrival, they will show you the sites they consider most active and the hunt begins. The majority of our hunters either see or have the thrill of shooting a bear. The reward!! A trophy that most hunters would be proud of…

Small game...
Partridge, hare and woodcock

At Wapus there is partridge like you have never seen. You can also hunt hare and woodcock.
Hunting starts on the third week of September, for one week or after moose hunting season, usually the last two weeks of October.
Given the variety of roads and trails you can, either, walk, drive or use an ATV to hunt. There are two kinds of partridge at Wapus, ruffled grouse and spruce grouse.
Hunting dogs are accepted as long as they sleep in their cage.


Spring time trout

« While some of us fished for lakers, others set out to different lake tops in search of specked trout. Wow, what an experience catching trout that reached 3lbs +. Luck, no I don’t think so. Lake management promoting the growth of trophy-sized trout is what Wapus is all about. Fly fishing for these babies was amazing. Once again a memorable trip. »

Luc Beaulieu

3 generation
on the hunt

« We are three generations of the same family who have enjoyed spending a moment of relaxation at Wapus for the past thirty years.

The welcome is always cordial, the game there, the total recreation. It is only the temperature which is sometimes capricious.
But that, nobody can do anything about it … »

Best regards ! The Bernet family

Good hunt,
Roman Jaskolski


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